Privacy Policy

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations I provide a Privacy Notice explaining what any personal data I collect will be used for, and that by deciding to work with me, you are consenting to my collecting your data.

The personal data I will collect and how it is stored :

• The client contact details Form & signed Privacy Notice, which will be stored

in a locked cabinet

• Brief notes of therapy and my opinions where relevant.

These are stored separately from the Client contact details form & Privacy Notice, and do not have clients name on them, to protect confidentiality.

The personal data I collect is used for psychotherapy/ supervision purposes only.

My legal basis for processing the personal data is to track clients treatment plans and ensure that progress is being made, in line with their goals for therapy.

The data is not be shared with anyone not involved in the treatment plan (only my supervisors and where agreed with clients GP).

The work I conduct is confidential. As a Therapist I have a duty of care, which I take seriously. In exceptional cases (i.e. if a client reveals intent to cause harm to self/others) I may find it necessary to take this information outside of the session. Any action is discussed with the client first wherever possible.

My psychotherapy/ consultation work is undertaken in accordance with ethical codes of the Institute of Family Therapy, The Association for Family Therapy, The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the EMDR Association of UK and Ireland.

Privacy Policy

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